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To pay your account by direct credit please use the details below.

Name of Bank: ASB
Branch: Whakatane
Account number: 12-3253-0091303-00
Particulars: Child’s Initial & Surname
Code: Room Name
Reference: Purpose i.e. camp, stationery

ERO Report
Here is a link to our latest ERO report


Eligibility criteria of students who may use our school bus for travel to and from school.

  • Ministry of Education Guidelines – The MoE guideline is that buses are provided for students who

    live more than 3.2km from their closest school.

  • The bus will only be picking up or dropping off students within our new bus zone. See attached map

    with specified stops.

  • Students must be at the identified stops on the map – no front door pickups.


Below are the prices and conditions for boarding the bus:

  • Bus tickets cost $20 per child, per term. We accept cash or Internet banking.

  • Whānau will have until the end of week one to purchase a ticket for your child.

  • From week 2 – No bus ticket, no boarding the bus. Please don’t put staff or the bus driver in a

    position where they need to refuse your child entry onto the bus

  • Please note that future tickets will be invoiced in the last week of the current term.

  • For the first week, students will need to be at their stop ten minutes before their usual time until a

    consistent routine/timing is established

  • Scooters are not permitted on our school bus.


It is important you are aware of the expectations we have of all students who use our school bus. The bus is a privilege and is only available to those students who conduct themselves in an appropriate manner. Our school TAHI values and behaviour expectations apply in all instances where our school bus is being used. This includes while students are walking to, and waiting to be picked up from their bus stop, lining up for the bus at school, boarding and exiting the bus and for the duration of their bus journey.

Our specific expectations when travelling on the bus are:

  • Students will, where any seat is available, be seated for the duration of their journey.

  • Students will follow the instructions of our student bus monitors and the driver

  • Students will not engage in any behaviour that will cause harm or upset any other students on the

    bus. This includes any type of verbal or physical harassment.

  • Students will not engage in any behaviour, at any time, that will distract the bus driver

The following steps will occur if students do not adhere to the above expectations: First incident: Warning letter sent home to parents/whānau
Next incident: Removal from school bus for the period of one week
Following incident: Removal from school bus for the remainder of the term

Any further incidents: Permanent removal from our school bus
We ask that you please ensure your child is aware of our expectations and we look forward to ensuring

your child, and all others, travel to and from school safely each day on our school bus. Please call the school if you have any questions regarding this service: 07 323 7093



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